Language is a complex field, and its application leads to countless possibilities. A wide range of activities can be involved in the translation and preparation of a text with the purpose of delivering the message to its target audience.

Quotes are estimated considering several factors, such as the type and conditions of the project and the need for other professionals. Therefore, when requesting a quote, please provide as much information as possible. My rates follow international standards.

My working languages are Brazilian Portuguese, English and Spanish, but I can collaborate with other professionals to fulfill your needs in other languages. I have experience in a wide range of areas.

Text-based services are usually quoted based on the number of words in the text, or the time to complete a project:

  • Text translation involves the use of several strategies to prepare a target text that is adequate to its function and audience. The service includes research and proofreading.
  • Proofreading and revision seek to correct errors and improve the style of a text. Even texts written by an excellent author can be improved or optimized to achieve its goals.

Audio- or film-based services are usually estimated based on the running time of the video or audio. Technical requirements vary according to the type of media used (e.g. DVD, online video). Please inform the medium, the subject and length of the material, and whether there is a script or dialogue list (if applicable):

  • Transcription is the written version of recorded oral speech, typically in the same language. A translated transcription is also possible.
  • Subtitling is the translation of the dialogues in a video adapted to the format of subtitles, which are displayed over the video and synchronized with the audio. Captioning is the usual term for subtitling in the same language as the spoken dialogues. Note that the usual output of this service is a specific text file with the subtitles and time codes (e.g. an .srt file). I can also provide video editing services to embed the subtitles on the video.
  • Voice-over or dubbing script is a translated version of a video, written in the form of a script intended to be read out loud by voice talents. Their voice is then superimposed on the translated video. Note that I do not provide voice talent services.
  • Adaptation can be required in many situations, such as turning a written text into subtitles, making a transcription suitable for dubbing or subtitling, etc. There are several possibilities that can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Community interpretation is the oral translation of meetings involving speakers of different languages, usually performed live and on site, such as in educational, health care or professional settings. Hourly rates apply.

Webinars, workshops and courses on theory and practice of translation and subtitling can be organized and taught on site or via online learning systems:

  • Audiovisual translation: working with sounds, images, oral and written texts; subtitling fundamentals; voice-over fundamentals
  • Subtitling training: technical skills, conciseness strategies, software training, timing techniques, film editing fundamentals
  • For translation agencies and other service providers: consultancy on audiovisual translation projects, including technical aspects, tools and technology, best practices, workflow, quality control, quoting and turnaround estimation

I can develop a number of linguistic consultancy projects, form teams with other professionals for specific purposes, and hire or recommend professionals of diverse languages or specialties.

My focus is quality. Client satisfaction and a technically impeccable result is the main goal. I reserve the right to decline proposals for which I cannot assure the required turn-around time or quality.

Please contact me for more information