Private Training & Consulting

If currently offered subtitling courses don’t meet your needs in terms of the contents or schedule, of if you’re looking for something more tailored to the skills you would like to develop, we can consider private training sessions using the same online platform as the courses.

Some ideas:

  • My Subtitling Techniques course at your preferred pace
  • Working with videos suggested by you
  • My workshop on Embedding Permanent Subtitles on Digital Videos
  • Refresher training, or sessions to clarify issues or improve specific technical aspects of your work
  • A combination of advanced skills, including subtitle embedding
  • An overview or comparison of different subtitling software
  • Fundamentals and best practices for subtitling project management

Get in touch with me to discuss this possibility. We can schedule a meeting in the online meeting room so you can see how it works and fine-tune our potential one-on-one sessions.

Rates: $40 CAD + tax (US$ 30) per hour during business hours, or 50 CAD + tax (US$ 40) per hour on evenings and weekends